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Ahhh…..Duh~   Leave a comment

So it dawned on me earlier today that I am sick due to the metformin medicine I started this week for my diabetes.

What can I say, sometimes I am slow.

I got online and researched it and it plainly states one must eat carbohydrates  when taking this medicine.

Well anyone who knows anything about diabetes ….is that you try not to take in too many carbs as they generally turn to sugar first.

But according to the research you have to take the medicine with carbohydrates.

No wonder I have been sick.

I am trying to avoid carbs as much as possible.

Eating only protein and almonds, pecans (fats) and vegetables


Now that I know this and of course have paid closer attention to what I am suppose to do, I will start eating more carbs.

Especially when I am taking the medicine.

This morning I took it with a glass of water and my two boiled eggs.

Now I will have to start eating a piece of toast or something along those lines with the eggs.
Hate when I am stupid.




Evidently this is me looking in the mirror at myself.

Dumb, dumb, dumb…..

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Flu-ish~   2 comments

I think I am getting the flu

Well in all honesty I think I have been fighting it all week.

Tuesday I was nauseated, Wednesday I ached every where, yesterday I was hot and cold and hot and cold, I even went home and took a nap.

Today I feel nauseated again and have no energy and feel ick.

I am also fighting a pinched nerve that is numbing my right thigh, calf and foot.


I almost wish I could vomit and get it over with.



Posted January 20, 2017 by Marge in ramblings