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Eating Healthier~   Leave a comment

So I am back to trying to eat healthier and I have to say, it is a lot more fun to just eat what I want.

I have and will probably always be a person who loves her desserts.

Unfortunately that is probably why I am over weight and a diabetic.


It is boring to eat good things and have no sugar.

I remember my mother once asking me “Do you eat to live or live to eat?”
I told her I eat to live and she said “No you don’t. You are overweight so you live to eat”
It kind of ticked me off when she said it but I suppose she was right in many ways.

I always look forward to eating.

BUT those habits must change if I ever want to be healthier and lose weight.


Why does it have to be so hard?????


Posted January 17, 2017 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings