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Just got an email that we can not have the lodge in Door County after all because someone else has already reserved it.
Why would they say it was available and then now tell me it isn’t.

Ticks me offĀ  to no end.

How very disappointing.

Now we have to start from scratch.




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This is what it is like out today, although it isn’t as fun as what this dog is having.

I hate ice, as does most everyone else……

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39 years ago today~   Leave a comment

39 years ago today I had a miscarriage .

I remember this every year because if I hadn’t lost that baby I wouldn’t have Paula.

And then chances are I wouldn’t have Brian either because I would have wanted them closer in age not further apart.

I wouldn’t change having Paula and Brian for anything.

My kids and grandkids are my entire world except for God.

I am a very blessed woman and I don’t take that for granted.

But every January 16th I remember the God awful pain of that miscarriage.



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