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I feel her with me still

I feel her laugh, her smile still.

I feel her presence near me still.

I sleep with her blanket, I wear her nightgown, my bedroom holds a picture of her that I kiss nearly every day.

I tell her I miss her every day.

I want to turn the clock back, give me the last year back, make me more aware of her illness and her and help her and tell her how much she was loved, IS LOVED still.

Driving home today I could see her the last week before she died.
Being ornery one minute and serious the next.

Soaking in the family unity we had with Ric and Kathy home and all rallying around her and trying to get those precious moments with her.

We knew she was dying…we were told….she told us over a year ago that she had liver cancer….it only got worse.

We knew her time on earth was so very short.

And the good Lord took her home so much sooner then any of us wanted.

I thought by now the heartache would lesson.

I knew I loved her but I never knew how much she meant to me till she was no longer here.

Tears form in my eyes at the memory of our last week with her.

I feel her with me still.

I feel her laugh, her smile still.

I feel her presence with me still.

I miss her every day…….




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If only~

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