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So I told a co worker yesterday that I have three years and six months till I can retire.
She laughed and said “Isn’t it a bit early to start counting down”
I said “Not if it is important to me to do so”
I wanted to say “Fuck You” but I didn’t.

My life is one long line of boring blah.

Some days I just hate my life.

I hate my job, I hate the mundane existence of this boring life.

And yes I have hobbies and take vacations but I still need to have something on the horizon to look forward to.

So I am looking forward to retiring.

So what?
Does that make me a bad person?
She laughed like I was ridiculous.

Fuck her.

If I want to look forward to retirement or spring, or fall or next winter why should it be wrong to count down to it?

Maybe I am just over sensitive today.

Maybe I have the winter blahs.

Maybe I am depressed.

Who knows?

But this insane merry go round of life is so damn boring so much of the time.




Posted January 6, 2017 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings

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