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Decision Has Been Made~   Leave a comment

I put the deposit down on a lodge in Door County

We will be going July 22nd through the 29th baring no unforeseen problems.

I can cancel it if needed two weeks before then if I need to.

It will be awesome and I can hardly wait.

Paula and Matt and his family aren’t going to stay the entire 7 days but the rest of us will.

I am going to see if I can get Keira and Kayla for the rest of the week as well.


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Where To Go~   Leave a comment

We are brainstorming for a place to go forĀ  my husband’s 60th birthday.

We includes my four children and their spouses.

We were looking intently to Door County in Wisconsin but in July when we would want to go is considered their “PEEK” season and therefore you have to rent a place for a week.
We only want it for three to four days.

The place I found which would be ideally wonderful is a house with seven bedrooms.

It is $5,000 for the week.

But divided by four couples it would only be $1000 which is still more then my kids want to spend.

None of them want to spend a week there.

Four days tops.

Yes I could rent it and my husband and I could stay there the entire week.

No problem

But $5,000 is a steep amount.

Even if the kids paid a couple thousand between them that still leaves us with a chunk of money to pay.

But it would be nice to do.


I also suggested Estes Park in Colorado, Tennessee or Florida.

But no one wants to have to drive too far when they only want to be there for three or four days.


My husband would be happy with a barbeque in our back yard.

We don’t have to go anywhere.

I just thought it might be fun to.





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The Monsters Return~   Leave a comment

Well the kids return to school today.

I call them monsters because about half of them are real brats.

Okay maybe not half.

Maybe 30%

Whatever the number they must return because I have run out of things to clean.

How sad is that.

I need a new job.


I know I keep saying that and chances are I will never quit this until I retire because they pay me so well.




yep I am still longing for the beach~

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