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Work and cutting my hair~   Leave a comment

Well I have put in six hours already to this day

I am working slow or something because it seems to be taking longer to get things done.

I am on my lunch break now.

The first break I have taken all day……

So much to do…..


Thinking of going and getting my hair all cut off.

I hate it this dark brown and think maybe getting it styled might make me like it more.

Doubtful but ……

I hate my hair so cutting it probably won’t change how much I hate it.

Plus I have been trying to let it grow.

Cutting it now would just be for nothing in all the months I have dealt with it long and ugh….


I just hate my hair.

No other way to get around it.


My husband likes my hair shorter but I have a fat round face and I think having it short makes me look like a boy.

And I don’t want to look like a boy.

I am not attractive in the face in the least….cutting my hair short will just make me more unattractive in my book.


No answers…..




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Down time~   Leave a comment

Well we are back to normal again.

Paula left to go home and the tree is down.

The house looks as it once was.

Christmas is over with and we have a New Year to ring in.

We will have Aaron and Bailey but Keira and Kayla are going to be staying with their other grandmother.

So that will be a bit different.

Aaron and I will work on puzzles he got for Christmas and I am quite sure Bailey will want to help as well.

I have three days to work this week and than I am off for four again.

Love it.

But these three days went by so fast.
Today is day four.

I have no plans other then to dye my hair and relax.

Having some stomach issues but it may be from the onions from yesterday.


It is forty degrees here and very windy.

Almost all of the snow has melted.

If one didn’t know it, one would think it was late March instead of late December.

Happy Monday after Christmas every one!

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Merry Christmas!   Leave a comment

Here we are to December 25th 2016!

Christmas morning.

May everyone have a blessed day!



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Another Christmas Over With~   Leave a comment

Well the kids with kids all went home

It is quite peaceful now.

Paula is here watching NCIS and eating chocolate pie.

Rick is sitting here as well enjoying a diet coke and I am finally able to get on to the internet after not being able to for most of the day.

It is 8:40 at night and I am ready for bed.

Or so I feel like I am.

Last night I felt like I was too but tossed and turned for a few hours before I actually fell asleep.

So I got maybe six hours of sleep last night.

I hope I sleep better tonight.



Christmas is over again for one more year.

I think everyone enjoyed themselves and the grandkids got a lot of good presents.


Here is the six of us.
Brian, Emily, Matt, Me, Paula and Rick.

Paula and Brian decided it was good to wear ugly sweaters.




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Just smile~   Leave a comment


My ten year old grand daughter in all of her naivety said today.  “Our presents from mom and dad were our new beds.  We won’t have anything else to open unless Santa comes tomorrow night when we are sleeping”
I so love her innocence.


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Inches Closer~   Leave a comment

twirling red trees.gif

As minutes pass we are that much closer to our Christmas Eve celebration.

Our kids and their families will be here by four tomorrow afternoon for our annual dinner of Chili and then we open presents.

I imagine they will all be gone by six or seven and they never tend to stay late when it is winter time.

If it was nice outside they would stay for hours.
Funny how that works.

God willing Paula will get here safely tomorrow and then safely home on Sunday or Monday.

North of Iowa is supposed to get a snow storm on Sunday into Monday so she may want to beat it and get home some time on Sunday.

Not sure how that will all work yet.

At any rate as much as I love Christmas, I think it is over rated and over exposed.

Jesus is the reason for the season.

And I think most people forget that.



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Grandchildren and “Sing”   Leave a comment

WE are taking all five grandchildren to the new animated movie “Sing” about animals that are trying out for a contest in singing.

It should be good
I hope Bailey enjoys it and is good.

She is only two though so not sure what to expect of her.

It will be our first time taking her to a movie.

Her parents have taken her a couple of times and she does well.

Hopefully  she will do fine


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