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Another Year Coming To A Close~   Leave a comment

Well here we sit on the last day of the year 2016.

Time to seriously think about those new year’s resolutions

First and foremost is losing weight and getting healthier

Yes I make that same resolution every year but I am diabetic and since my sister Cyndi died I have had a “who really gives a shit” attitude.

Now it is time to get tough and start taking care of me.

She has been gone three months now and while I know she didn’t always take the best care of herself (she was a diabetic also) I bet if she could talk to me she would tell me to start taking better care of myself.

So that is my top resolution.

To eat healthier and exercise every day.

Also I need to stop being critical of others.

I need to learn to live in the moment more and not let the TV influence me.

We plan on going to Florida in May over my birthday this year, but my husband is turning 60 this July so I have asked the kids to help me brainstorm and come up with something for his birthday.

I originally thought just a big party but my son Matt suggested we go to the Grand Canyon.

My eldest daughter Paula reminded him that it will be summer and probably not the best time to be in Arizona.

Then Matt suggested Niagara Falls.
Which I would LOVE to see.


I off handedly asked Rick if there was any place he would like to see and his remark was “nothing that I can think of”

So we shall have to see…..

Ideally it would be some place where the kids would enjoy it too as well as the adults.

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!



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