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Dream Girl~   Leave a comment


Seems I spend a lot of time dreaming of warmer places.

I usually love winter but this year I am longing for the sun and beach.

Not sure why it doesn’t leave me.


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Last work day of 2016~   Leave a comment

Well here we are on December 29th 2016.

Another year has gone.

I am on my last work day of the year.

I have the next 3 off and will be back to do a building check on January 2nd and then back to work for a full week on the 3rd.  (okay 4 days)

Every year as the year winds down I think of all that I have and all that I am grateful for and wonder if we will all be here a year from now?
Cyndi didn’t make it this year.

I wonder and hope and pray we will all be here next year at this time.

My sister will have a new grandson, which Thanks Be To God is a wonderful thing.

She has been waiting many years to be a grandmother.

My daughter is trying to get pregnant so maybe I will have a new grandchild next year at this time?
That would be wonderful too.

But if not the 5 grandchildren I have are quite wonderful.

I am a blessed woman and I know this.

I am forever grateful to God for all my blessings.




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