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Work and cutting my hair~   Leave a comment

Well I have put in six hours already to this day

I am working slow or something because it seems to be taking longer to get things done.

I am on my lunch break now.

The first break I have taken all day……

So much to do…..


Thinking of going and getting my hair all cut off.

I hate it this dark brown and think maybe getting it styled might make me like it more.

Doubtful but ……

I hate my hair so cutting it probably won’t change how much I hate it.

Plus I have been trying to let it grow.

Cutting it now would just be for nothing in all the months I have dealt with it long and ugh….


I just hate my hair.

No other way to get around it.


My husband likes my hair shorter but I have a fat round face and I think having it short makes me look like a boy.

And I don’t want to look like a boy.

I am not attractive in the face in the least….cutting my hair short will just make me more unattractive in my book.


No answers…..




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