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Well we are back to normal again.

Paula left to go home and the tree is down.

The house looks as it once was.

Christmas is over with and we have a New Year to ring in.

We will have Aaron and Bailey but Keira and Kayla are going to be staying with their other grandmother.

So that will be a bit different.

Aaron and I will work on puzzles he got for Christmas and I am quite sure Bailey will want to help as well.

I have three days to work this week and than I am off for four again.

Love it.

But these three days went by so fast.
Today is day four.

I have no plans other then to dye my hair and relax.

Having some stomach issues but it may be from the onions from yesterday.


It is forty degrees here and very windy.

Almost all of the snow has melted.

If one didn’t know it, one would think it was late March instead of late December.

Happy Monday after Christmas every one!

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