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Another Christmas Over With~   Leave a comment

Well the kids with kids all went home

It is quite peaceful now.

Paula is here watching NCIS and eating chocolate pie.

Rick is sitting here as well enjoying a diet coke and I am finally able to get on to the internet after not being able to for most of the day.

It is 8:40 at night and I am ready for bed.

Or so I feel like I am.

Last night I felt like I was too but tossed and turned for a few hours before I actually fell asleep.

So I got maybe six hours of sleep last night.

I hope I sleep better tonight.



Christmas is over again for one more year.

I think everyone enjoyed themselves and the grandkids got a lot of good presents.


Here is the six of us.
Brian, Emily, Matt, Me, Paula and Rick.

Paula and Brian decided it was good to wear ugly sweaters.




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