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My ten year old grand daughter in all of her naivety said today.  “Our presents from mom and dad were our new beds.  We won’t have anything else to open unless Santa comes tomorrow night when we are sleeping”
I so love her innocence.


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As minutes pass we are that much closer to our Christmas Eve celebration.

Our kids and their families will be here by four tomorrow afternoon for our annual dinner of Chili and then we open presents.

I imagine they will all be gone by six or seven and they never tend to stay late when it is winter time.

If it was nice outside they would stay for hours.
Funny how that works.

God willing Paula will get here safely tomorrow and then safely home on Sunday or Monday.

North of Iowa is supposed to get a snow storm on Sunday into Monday so she may want to beat it and get home some time on Sunday.

Not sure how that will all work yet.

At any rate as much as I love Christmas, I think it is over rated and over exposed.

Jesus is the reason for the season.

And I think most people forget that.



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WE are taking all five grandchildren to the new animated movie “Sing” about animals that are trying out for a contest in singing.

It should be good
I hope Bailey enjoys it and is good.

She is only two though so not sure what to expect of her.

It will be our first time taking her to a movie.

Her parents have taken her a couple of times and she does well.

Hopefully  she will do fine


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