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In less then an hour I am out of here…. and will get to spend the next two weeks completely alone in this school.

How I love the idea of it.

Yes I will be working hard to get things cleaned and the place all shiny again

I love cleaning and knowing it will stay spotless for two weeks.

Okay by the time I get it all done it will only be a few days but still.

It is a great feeling knowing it will all glow for kids to come back and trash it again on January 5th.



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I had a dream last night and I woke up thinking “now that would make a good novel”

So as I did my two hours of morning chores this morning here at work, I formulated the idea in my head.

When I got done with my morning chores I wrote an outline down.

I have spent the last hour writing and doing research.

I have a ton of more research to do but the writing was so much fun!
I love to write.

Love it more when it just flows from my fingers as it has for the last hour.

It started drying up a bit at the end, but that just prompts me to do more research on it.

In my mind the greatest career would be to be a successful novelist.

Ahh… would be a dream come true.

I so love to write.



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I love yogurt.

It is like a spoonful of sunshine in every bite.

I could eat yogurt all day long.

It is like a smoothie of freshness.


Probably quite fattening as most things are.

But I love it!

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