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Ahh the ocean……


I have actually sat in these chairs and watched the ocean roll in and out……

I miss the sunshine and warmth.

Yes I am going in May but that is  ……..five months away……….

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Going to be in the mid forties on Christmas day this year and of course it is supposed to rain.

Iowa weather is so strange~

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In 4 days our home will be filled with our kids and their spouses, my eldest daughter and our five grandkids.

It will be hectic and hopefully happy.

And hopefully everyone will enjoy their presents.

Christmas Eve is always our big celebration.
With Chili and pies for desert.

It is a family tradition.

Christmas Day is quiet and just my husband and I.

Of course Paula will be here too but not sure how long she will stay as she has to drive four hours back to Milwaukee  and the weather may get bad.

Hopefully everyone will have a good time.



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She was particular on how she liked things.

She was loyal to her family.

She was a walking dictionary and articulate with the English language.

She was honest.

She was a loving Nana.

She was a mother to two sons.

She was strong and yet insecure in herself.

She was proud to be an Iowan, but loved the ocean.

She was a sister to six siblings.

She was 67 years old.

And I miss her more then I can even begin to express.


Love you dearly Cyndi~




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Although it is warming up outside I am snug inside with my little fake fire place going and the Christmas tree blazing.

Life is good~

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I am still wishing I was near the ocean soaking up the rays.

I can’t lie….it is calling me.


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cropped-sailing-defiant-1My sister told me about a new blog titled “Sailing Defiant”

It is really interesting.

The blog is written by a man name Jon.

I have never met him but he is the boyfriend to my niece Melissa.

And so therefore I get to hear a little bit about their adventures.

I envy them a bit for the daring life at sea and their free spirits.

But they are young, Melissa is in her late twenties, and she has no one to think about but herself.

You should check it out~



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