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Friday, Thank God!   Leave a comment

Yes it is finally Friday.

It seems like it has been a long week but in all honesty it hasn’t.

They seem to fly by.

We are already half way through December.


I wanted to call in sick today.

I really did.

I could have slept a few more hours and just enjoyed a day being a bum.

BUT my conscience wouldn’t let me.

I would feel too guilty

I hate this place

I hate how the kids can get away with anything and there are no consequences

For instance, on Wednesday a fourth grade girl intentionally went the bathroom on the floor.

I know it was intentional because she bragged about it to others.

So I get called to go clean up feces on the floor.

And we are not talking a little bit we are talking A LOT!
And even though she did this and everyone knows she did this, there is no punishment.

And it isn’t even that I had to clean it up.

I use to be a certified nurses aide, cleaning that kind of stuff up was the norm for that job.

It is the idea that she can do this and get away with it.

What is that teaching other kids?
What prevents her from doing it again and again??????

So yeah I hate my job.

My principal is the nicest guy you will ever meet but he doesn’t have a backbone to make these kids do what they should be doing.

If I had my way that girl wouldn’t be allowed back in school till the first of the New Year.

And if she did it again she would be kicked out of school completely.




I need a new job.

But more then anything I need to get out of debt so I can retire.



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