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Wish I had taken all of these pictures but unfortunately I didn’t.

I love pretty pictures so I see them on the internet and share them.



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I was going through a few albums of pictures last night while my grandchildren played in my den/bedroom/ toy room (for them)

And while I was looking at these pictures it made me miss Cyndi a lot.

They were her albums.

They were her pictures.

And most of them do not have any dates and or who was in the picture.

Some I can figure out on my own but others……I have no idea who they are.

It makes me sad because Cyndi was very articulate on things like this.
Like my brother said “She was our memory”
She knew things from the past that kept things a live for all of us.

Yes maybe my eldest sister Carolyn may know but chances are she won’t.

She hasn’t gotten a very good memory at all.

Cyndi did.

Cyndi knew.

I miss her a lot.


And like I told my sister Kathy in an email today…..I didn’t treasure Cyndi like I should have.


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