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Well it is Wednesday and it is super cold out.

No not worse then yesterday but still cold.

15 degrees and -5 with the wind chill.

I wish I was heading to Florida for a week or two just to get out of the cold and in the sunshine but we will probably be going in early May so I will just have to grin and bear it till then.

I feel like I need a vacation.

I realize I probably take more vacations a year then the average person but to me they are a reward

I work so I should be rewarded with something I like to do every now and then.

IF my husband said “Hey lets get in the car and head to Florida” then of course I would go.

But he knows that we shouldn’t spend the money so therefore he won’t say that.

He told me I could go alone but with flying and renting a car plus getting a hotel…it would be well over $2,000 and I just can’t spend that kind of money right now.

Yeah I could drive it and probably save some money but I would be on the road at least four days.


And I have to be back here to work on January 5th.

So I just have to get it out of my head.


I feel tired.

I did my two hours of morning chores here at work and now I just feel like I want to take a hot bath and soak for a while.

Not going to happen but it is a nice thought.





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