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Before My Time~   Leave a comment


This picture was taken in 1958.

This is my mother, and my brother Ric and our sister Linda who was one.

I don’t know where this house is.

Or if it was an apartment and not a house.

My memory died 8 weeks ago.

Cyndi would have known where this was.

Cyndi knew a lot about our past and the hundreds of pictures like this with no information on the back.

Our family history was important to Cyndi.

And now we have lost that.

I have hundreds of pictures I need to go through and write on them so that whomever finds them in the future, maybe after I am gone, will at least know a little bit of what the picture was about.

Still miss you Cyndi 8 weeks later.
And I still have a hard time believing you have really gone.

Still feel like it is a bad dream that I am unable to wake up from.



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Still surprising~   1 comment

You think you know someone.

You think you have it all figured out and the reaction you expect to get from that person is a sure thing because after all you KNOW that person.

Wrong again.

They can still surprise me.

They can still flabbergast me

I am amazed at how flippant a person can be about serious issues.

I am surprised that this person can still surprise me.

After all these years.

Just goes to show you that you never really know anyone.

You know what they let you see.

You don’t know the real them.

If you did, they couldn’t shock you with the irrelevance of words spoken.



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The Adventures of Winter~   Leave a comment

As you know from my previous blogs it has snowed.

And while snow isn’t all that bad in itself it is dealing with all of the after affects of it and my job.

My husband and I came in again last night to shovel snow because it was 33 degrees out

I got here this morning and spent over and hour putting ice melt and sand down.

The sand is frozen in the barrel.

It makes it tough to get it out and into the sand spreader to spread over the sidewalks.

Not only is that tough but it is 2 degrees with the wind chill.

The actual temperature is 10.

There is ice too because it had melted but since it got so cold over night……it is ice too.

There is more sand to spread but I had to come in and clean up after breakfast and warm up.

My back hurts and I hate my job more then ever, but it is Monday and life could be worse.

It could always be worse.

Happy Monday!

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