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The snow has stopped so we went in and shoveled snow one more time.

It is going to be 16 degrees in the morning and right now it is 33 degrees so it was actually sort of warm when we were shoveling.

I was out there in a sweater.

I know I will have to put sand down for the slick spots but it is nice to know I won’t have to go in and shovel in the morning.


I still would rather be in Florida.


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I would be loving this snow if I didn’t have to shovel it.

Honestly it needs to stop.

I already shoveled once today and I have no desire to do it again, but I may go in tonight and shovel again so I won’t have to do that tomorrow morning.
Oh I will have to put sand and ice melt down but it would be nice to not have to shovel again.

So I may drive back in.

I do get paid for it so I guess I shouldn’t  complain right?

So wish I didn’t have to deal with snow……


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