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The Walk To Heaven~   Leave a comment

I call this picture “The Walk To Heaven”


I wonder if Cyndi saw this as she left me on September 30th and took this walk towards God and His Son Jesus…..

Granted she probably floated and didn’t really walk, but I bet she was grinning from ear to ear and pain free.

What a lovely thought.

Miss you more then words can say Cyndi Dear~


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Christmas Spirit~   Leave a comment


We went to my grand daughter’s Christmas concert last night and it put me in the Christmas spirit.

I have had my tree up and outside lights on since the day after Thanksgiving but now I am finally in the mood for Christmas and all things seasonal.

I should get my music out and listen and sing to Christmas songs while I bake…..


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I love this picture~   Leave a comment


I saw this picture again on the web and it reminded me of how much I love it.

It is from the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Isn’t it beautiful?
I would love to be standing there looking up at the beautiful mountain.

And the moon isn’t half bad either.


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