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A Kiss From Heaven~   Leave a comment

So last night as I was sitting with my sisters and niece having dinner we were talking about Cyndi.

I told them that I had asked Cyndi the week before she died if when she got to Heaven if she would send me a sign that she was there.

At the time Cyndi had laughed and said “I told Mom I wanted her to do the same thing.  And 24 years later and I am still waiting”

My youngest sister Wanda said to me “What makes you think she hasn’t sent you a sign?”
I said “What would it be?”
She said “Have you seen a rainbow of something else that is pleasing to the eye?”
I said “Yeah as a matter of fact I did see a beautiful rainbow not even 24 hours after she died”
Wanda said “Well there you go, that was your sign”
I smiled.

Cyndi sent a kiss from Heaven and I didn’t pick up on it.

Not sure it could be that simple, but what a pleasant thought.

I even took a picture of the rainbow but then deleted it a few weeks ago not realizing the significants of it..



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That Dirty Little Word~   Leave a comment


Weather forecast says we could get four to 8 inches of snow starting Saturday night and all day Sunday into the over night on Sunday into Monday.

I know what I will be doing all weekend, shoveling snow.



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That Huge Hole~   Leave a comment


I got together with two of my sisters and a niece last evening for dinner.

Cyndi being gone has left a huge hole in our lives and we all agreed on that.

Our gatherings are just not the same without her.

This picture was taken last June when my sister Kathy was back from Florida.

Hopefully some day soon she can move back to Iowa so she can be included in our sister days.

Wanda lives in Centerville so she isn’t around as much as Carolyn and I are but she is closer then Kathy.

And our brother Ric will one day move back to Iowa when his wife retires from her job.
They live in Canada now.

Family is the most important thing.

My siblings and my children and their families and my husband.

Life goes on after losing a loved one.

But that huge hole will remain forever and grow bigger with each family member we lose.


The five of us sisters this last May~ Cyndi, Wanda, Me, Kathy and Carolyn

And Ric and Cyndi  from a few years ago~


And the seven of us from 1985


Ric, Kathy, Cyndi, Carolyn, Linda,

Mom, Wanda and Me

Linda passed away five years ago in October.
Mom in 1992

Mom was 65 when she died.
Linda was 53

And Cyndi was 67





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Bitterly Cold   Leave a comment


It is freezing out, but I love this picture so I thought I would share it as it is much more positive then our freezing cold temperatures.

The wind chill makes it feel like -7 out.

The actual temperature is 11 with a high of 19 today.

Oh yes winter has arrived in Iowa.

My sister wrote on her blog that down in Fort Myers it was hot and muggy yesterday.

I don’t care for that either but it is too damn cold too quickly here.


of course there is snow in the forecast for Saturday and Sunday but I don’t know how much yet as I haven’t seen a weather forecast.

And so it begins~

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