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Pretty pictures of winter.

I am trying to get myself into the mood~



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At The Snap Of The Fingers~   Leave a comment

Please dear readers forgive me for my down and blue blog of before.

I was in a funk.

But I closed my eyes and bowed my head and prayed to God to lift this funk feeling I was in and like a snap of the fingers…..He took my blue and depressed mood away.

I will say and will ALWAYS say GOD is the answer to everything.

Thank you Lord for all of my wonderful blessings.

In Your Son Jesus name I pray.




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Don’t Make Me~   Leave a comment

I want to crawl back into bed and get about four more hours of sleep

The last place I want to be is here at work.



I know after two weeks from today I will have the place to myself for a week, but still.

I hate being here.

My back hurts and I just want to be home in bed.


I do think I am depressed.

Not sure why other then life seems so humdrum and I long for a change.

No not a death in the family change but a change of direction.

Steve Harvey wrote a book called “Jump”  for those of us who are feeling like life is humdrum and needing a change.

He says taking that “Jump” will improve your life if you are feeling stagnant.

Basically to jump into something new or something you are afraid of.
Take chances.
Believe in yourself.



I still just want to go back to bed.




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