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Exercising, dieting and what not…..   Leave a comment

Again today, I started a diet.

I have failed a bit on it….as I had a bit of candy and that is obviously a DO NOT DO! when you are a diabetic.

But I exercised for thirty five minutes and am drinking water and more water and more water…..

So I hope it will clear out the candy I had.

Being a diabetic is harder then I thought it would be.

When I first started I thought to myself “I got this….I can do this” But the longer it went the harder it got to eat healthy and never have anything that was sweet.

I have always loved sweets.

I have always said it would be very hard for me to be a diabetic since I loved sweets so much.

And it is true.


But I hate how I look and I am tired of being fat and ugly.

I hope that I can stick to exercising every day and work up to an hour a day.

But every minute I exercise is better then not doing anything at all.


I have 60 pounds to lose.




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hmm…..   Leave a comment

No email from my sister in Florida

That always bums me out.

I worry something is wrong when I go longer then a day from hearing from her.

She hasn’t written since Saturday night now.

Hate that.

But I do see she wrote a blog so hopefully all is well in her world.


We got four and a half inches of snow yesterday.

It was pretty and it clung to the trees beautifully.


of course that meant that I had to go shovel snow at work too.

But with my husband’s help it only took thirty minutes.

I am not at work today due to my husband having a doctor’s appointment.

Hopefully the snow will be all melted by the time I get to work tomorrow morning.

I hope everyone has a great Monday~



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