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Snow~   Leave a comment

It’s that time of year again where that white stuff is going to start falling from the sky.

There is four chances this next week of snow.

Tonight and tomorrow being the first chance.

They say a trace to three inches.


Guess I have to get the winter coat, scarf and gloves and boots out.

My sweater days are gone for a while.


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Constipated~   Leave a comment

No it’s not what you think.

Do you ever feel like you are constipated in your life?

Like you are stuck and have no way of having things go smoother?

Sometimes I feel like that is how my life is.

Stuck and going no where.

We were driving home from Muscatine this morning and I was looking out the window thinking ……what is there to look forward to?
Life can be so ho hum.

So dull.

Rather boring.

Yes I know I have a lot to be thankful for but some times the day to day grind just wears on me.

I feel stuck.

I feel like there is just nothing to look forward to.

Yeah maybe I am a bit depressed.

But I think it is just the day in and day out grind.

What is next?
Where am I going in this life?

Just a bit down I guess.

Or in need of a vacation.






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The Difference In My Cold~   Leave a comment

So I have had a cold for about two weeks.

My husband has too.

We blame it on our grandchildren who are always coughing or have runny noses.

SO my cold started out with a sore throat.

So sore that it felt like a knife was scrapping the throat when I swallowed.

Then it went to my sinus’ for a day and then a runny nose.

Now today, it is a stuffed up nose and a feeling of “Fullness” in my head.


But my throat doesn’t hurt and the sinus’  are better.


The joys of life


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