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Taking Life For Granted~   Leave a comment

I take life for granted.

I know I do.

I assume I will get up tomorrow and next week and continue on that way for another thirty to forty or so years.

No one is promised a tomorrow but I do know I have always felt like I will live to be 100 or so.

But the day to day life I take for granted.

I just assume there will always be a tomorrow.


My husband has a growth on his arm that looks about the size of a small orange.

We go to the doctor next week to see what the MRI said.

I don’t think it is cancer.

I mean yes of course it could be but I think it must just be a cyst or something like that.

But if it is cancer I know he will do whatever it takes to get rid of it.

But after losing Cyndi two months ago I know and honestly have always known that we all are promised a death.

I am no exception and neither is my husband.

Losing Cyndi was rough.

I honestly can’t imagine a life without Rick, my husband, in it.

I have known him for forty years.

He has been in my life that long.

I just can’t see living life without him in it.

Yes of course I would have to if I had to.

But it just doesn’t seem fathomable


I of course hope I don’t have to find out for the next thirty years or so what living without him will be like.


Death is such an unpleasant part of living.


The six of us from 8 years ago.

Rick, Emily, Brian, Paula, Matt and Me

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