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Florida is calling ~   2 comments

banner12I have the strongest urge to go to Florida.

I want to see my sister and play in the gulf.

Soak up some rays and just relax for a week.

It is strongly calling to me.

Darn it~

And of course if I saw some dolphins that would just make it that much better.




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Duh dant, duh dant…….   Leave a comment


Every time I look at this picture I expect a huge great white shark to jump out at me.

(the reason for the title, I was trying to get the Jaws theme going)

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Paul   Leave a comment

Well three years ago today Paul Walker died.

It saddened me then and it still saddens me.

I thought he was a really cool guy who cared about the ocean and wildlife and was a good humanitarian as well.

And he was a decent actor.

40 is just way too young for anyone to have to leave this world.


Plus he was blessed with being a good looking guy


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Can I pay you?   Leave a comment

I would give someone $100 dollars if they would take these 42 science kits from first floor to third.

My back hurts already and I haven’t even started doing it yet.


This is one thing I hate about my job.

Yeah I know next year I am moving to a new school and getting an elevator.

But that doesn’t help with today.

Oh well, grin and bear it.

I don’t have a choice but to do it.




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