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As I hear the news about the fires in Gatlinburg Tennessee I think of the time my sister and I hiked up the mountain side for two miles once many years ago.

To think that may all be dead trees now due to the fire is quite sad.

They say people have had to leave the city of Gatlinburg due to the fires.

To me it was always a tourist town but it is sad to think that all of that beauty is gone or burning as I write this.

I feel for those who have suffered or are suffering over this.

Gatlinburg is a pretty place.


photo of The fires today in Gatlinburg (above)

And photos of Gatlinburg from the past…..


And the Smokey Mountains above Gatlinburg




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Twists and Turns~   Leave a comment

I got a talking to for punching in fifteen minutes early every day.


One would think it wouldn’t be that big of a deal but of course it is to my bosses.

So I will be a good girl and start punching in at 6:15 every day instead of at 6.

I also got a talking to about the job I applied for.

The guy who came to talk to me is the boss over all of us custodians.

He said it is a job I do not want.

So I withdrew my name from the application list.

Not that I am afraid of hard work but more that there is a lot of people who come and go through out the evenings and it would make it hard to clean and then have to reclean and clean again.

I was hoping for something more like what I have here at nights.

But it isn’t the case so I don’t want the job.

Glad I was told about it before I even had an interview.


At any rate I am stuck where I am at so I must make the best of it.

It isn’t the worst job in the world.

no it isn’t the greatest but it isn’t the worst either.

And since my sister Cyndi died I am trying hard to look on the bright side of everything.



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