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Miranda Lambert~   Leave a comment

Miranda put out a double cd last week and I have to say it is quite good.

I am a huge fan.

24 songs for the small price of $16

It is quite good


She wrote 20 of the 24 songs on the cd’s.

She is so talented.

And my favorite female singer.


She is quirky and not at all the sweet girl in the pictures.

She has flaws and she admits them.

She likes to drink and smoke.

She can be a rebel.

But I love her.


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Moon water~   Leave a comment


I title this moon water.

Wouldn’t it be cool to be this man, sitting on this boat and having the moon that close?

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Burr~   Leave a comment


it isn’t snowing  but that wind is fierce out there.

It is dark and looks like we could get dumped on at any moment.

Wish I was home reading a good book and had a cup of tea by my side.



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Darkness~   Leave a comment


ocean darkness

turbulent and dark

looking for a spark

feeling down and blue

looking for the new

a beginning without an end

seeking from within


Lord Help Me Jesus

I try for something I can’t quite reach

Live within me, heal my soul and let me live your speech.

I feel down and blue

I only yearn for You.

Is this depression filling my mind

Or is the devil hovering over me making me blind……..





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Magoo~   Leave a comment

No reason for the above title other then it just popped into my head.

According to the computer it is spelled wrong so maybe there is a word like this.

I don’t know.

It is Monday again.

How I detest this day.

Yes I know one must have a Monday to get to a Friday but I so hate Monday’s.

If I never had weekends off then of course Monday wouldn’t be so bad.

Ahh well, it is what it is and I am at work again.


I applied for a second shift job.

Ideally if I get it-    it  would require me to work when there aren’t any children in the school.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE that.

Knowing every day I left work my area was clean.

And since my sister won’t be wanting it, as they are still not sure when they are moving back, I don’t have to worry about taking it from her should they interview and or offer it to me.

When I was younger I hated second shift.

I always felt I couldn’t plan anything because I would have  to be at work at two or two thirty.

Now I think I would love it as I am so inactive when I get home every day.

Working second shift would keep me active up to the time I had to leave for the night.
Then I would drive home and be ready for bed, knowing I had a great work out  before hand.


Yeah it would be opposite shift of what everyone else works but hey, absences makes the heart grow fonder right?

And I would still have every weekend and every holiday off.


The only down side would be driving to North Liberty.

That is a good extra ten miles from where I am now.

Ahh well….not like they have offered me the job yet…..






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