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Growth~   Leave a comment


as life flows in me, around me and every where else, I realize how lucky I am with all that I have.

So many people have so much less then I do.

And sometimes I feel like I don’t have all that I want.


I am a very blessed woman and I do know that……but every now and then I need to stop and take stock in all that I have.

Life is good for the most part~

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Switzerland   Leave a comment


I have always wanted to visit Switzerland.

I guess I will just have to be content with looking at pictures.

Boy it is beautiful.



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Deer~   Leave a comment


I would love to take credit for taking this picture but of course I can’t.

For one it isn’t cold enough to snow here yet and I have never been that close to an animal to where I could stand still and take a picture of them.

I see plenty on the side of the road but am driving and can never stop to take a photo.

Still I love deer.

And I always feel like it is a smile from God every time I see one.


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One down one to go~   Leave a comment

Well our Thanksgiving dinner went well yesterday and now we have our children and their families tomorrow.

And before I know it Christmas will be upon us.

Amazing how fast it all goes.

I hope everyone had a very happy Thanksgiving and were safe.

Happy Friday one and All!

Posted November 25, 2016 by Marge in ramblings