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There is no school today so I have the school to myself.

So incredibly glorious when that happens.

I have gotten a lot done.

Came in at four fifteen, because I have been awake since 2 am and there is no point to laying there when I can’t sleep

Why couldn’t I sleep?
Because I have so many things to do today.

I worked from four fifteen till eleven with no breaks.

My back is growling in pain.

And yes I have taken something for it.


So because I came in so early I can leave at twelve forty five.

Almost an hour from now.
I have a ton of things to do at home.
Clean, bake pies and we have our two youngest grandchildren till six or so.

AND I doubt I will get much baking and or cleaning done until they go home.



Another thought~

Everyday I come into work and before my morning chores are done I am sweating profusely.

So badly that my hair is soaking wet.

No not at bad as in the summer time but still with the heat on here it gets pretty hot pretty quickly when I am physical.

The weird part is, I feel the need to shower before I come to work, KNOWING I am going to be sweating like crazy before anyone gets here.

So why do I feel like I need to shower?

I have tried showering the night before and then come to work but I feel gross all day long.

I think I am quite weird to shower just to be clean as I walk in the door.

But I always have felt better showering before I present myself to the world.

Yes some times I shower more then once a day.

I have showered up to four times in one day……

Just a weird thing about me I guess.



isn’t this boy so damn adorable?
And the dog is cute too.







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