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Weekend finally~   Leave a comment

You know time does really fly by.

I am so very glad when the weeks are over with and the weekend is upon us.
But really here we are almost to Thanksgiving already.

So time does fly.

We have all five grandchildren today and tonight as we take them to this hotel in Coralville with this long winding water slide and pool.

They love it.

I imagine Mirielle may get bored as she is 14 and doesn’t actually “Play” any more.
But she wanted to go so hopefully she will enjoy it.

I know the other four will.


After Thanksgiving this next week I will get the tree and decorations up around our house.

It won’t be as beautiful as this~


or this~

today's Christmas

because I don’t have that big of a house to have something so grand in it.

But our little tree works in our little home.


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