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I took a vacation day today because they are having parent teacher conferences in my school and I wouldn’t be able to do much of anything.

We have Bailey right now and then will get Aaron at two and Keira and Kayla at three fifteen.

I am quite sure the girls will only be here for an hour or so and Aaron and Bailey will be here till five or so.

It is always wonderful to have them around.

I love them dearly.

Supposed to have a couple of warmer days today and tomorrow and then on Friday and the weekend it will be cold.

Only highs of 40’s.

So that will be an adjustment as it has been so nice here.

But it is the second half of November in Iowa so we have to turn colder sooner or later.


Oh one more thing……today is my 15th anniversary with the school district.

15 years ago I started at Roosevelt Elementary.

Sure wish I could turn the clock back fifteen years and change quite a few things and be wiser then I was.

I would treasure my family more.

A lot more.

Darn it.

Hindsight, what a wonderful thing.




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