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Pick yourself up~   Leave a comment

In the movie “Home For The Holiday’s” there is a saying that goes ……pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again

It seems like a simple solution.

If plan A isn’t working go to plan B.

If B isn’t working try plan C.

Simple right?
Obviously not.

Depression runs rapid in my family.

I have a few siblings who are depressed with their lives.

Circumstances are hard and they can’t find a way out.

Money is tight, no jobs, no prospects…..which means nothing fun can happen when there is no money.

I have never been in a situation where things look so glum.

My sister Cyndi (God rest her soul) always told me that I have had an easy life.

Things come easy to me and I have not had to suffer like some of my siblings have.

One of those reasons is because I am married to who I am married to.

Another one is, I will do almost any job to bring money in.

Cyndi wouldn’t.

Custodial work was beneath her.

Well if you need money bad enough then custodial work or restaurant work or anything should be good enough.

Granted I would prefer not to be a custodian.

But I get paid a great wage and I get four weeks of vacation and sick time a year.

But I would work at McDonalds if that was the onlyĀ  job I could get.

I would do anything to bring money in.

NO I wouldn’t prostitute myself or kill anyone or steal for money……but I am not too proud to think a job isn’t good enough for me.


I have another sister who thinks certain jobs just aren’t good enough for her.

Well if you don’t have a college education, a well paying job isn’t going to want you.

Plain and simple.


So that is where the pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again comes in.

Do what needs done to get to where you want to be.





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