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I use to love country music.

But after Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert split up, it seemed like that was all the news media could talk about

I got sick of it.

AND all the radios would play was male singers.

The same songs over and over and over.

So I quit listening to country music except for the cd’s I own.

Miranda will always be my favorite female singer.

I use to like Blake but not so much anymore.

I will always love Gary Alan and I like Brad Paisley and some of Tim McGraw’s stuff.

Tanya Tucker was my favorite when I was a teenager and I still play her music from time to time.

I own every Garth Brooks cd as well.

I am quite fond of Keith Urban too although I don’t own many of his cd’s.

Carrie Underwood is a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice but I think she is over rated.
Sometimes it sounds like all she does is scream.

And her need to wear the shortest dresses possible to show off her legs just annoys me.

We all know she is beautiful, but seriously why the short short dresses?



My point to all of this is I watched the Country Music awards last night, first time in a few years.

They do know how to have a party and many of the older past winners preformed.

It was quite neat to see.

Miranda didn’t win female vocalists for the 6th time in a row, but she has won it the past five years and that is a record for a female artist.


All in all, it hasn’t swayed me to go back to listening to country  music on the radio……but it was entertaining.






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