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Well two months from now Christmas will be over with

It is amazing to me that this year has gone by as fast as it has.

Where does the time go?

I have been talking with my sister about her moving back to Iowa, she is hoping to be here by the end of the year…….but in her blog she said maybe not till next July.

I will help her move back if she needs me to.

If not, that is fine as well.

I sure wish she could find a job so she could start planning .

I would hate my life being in limbo.


It is a cold and rainy day here today.

Very fall like.

But it is October 26th so I guess it is to be expected.


For the most part life is good.

It would be better if I could retire and Cyndi was still with us but  as I have said before……we are all promised a death.

I just wish she could have lived longer and been healthier.







Posted October 26, 2016 by Marge in family, ramblings

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