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After I got off work yesterday I drove to Kalona to see my sister and to get two bags full of my sister Cyndi’s clothes, that Carolyn (my eldest sister) thought might fit me or one of my two younger sisters.

I picked out a few things but most of it is just not my style.

But I will save the bags of clothes so my sister who will one day move back up to Iowa from Florida can go through them.

Anything she doesn’t want I will give to goodwill.

When visiting Carolyn I felt like she wasn’t as warm and loving as usual.

Not sure what that was about but she did nothing but complain about everyone.

People are too choosy, people are too selfish, people are too full of themselves……

I didn’t find it to be a very good visit at all.

And then she starts running down our mother and it is time for me to go.

I know our mother wasn’t a saint, but I do believe she did the best she could under the circumstances we lived in.

I believe my mother was very depressed, even bipolar, but of course that was before doctor’s knew much about anyone being bipolar.

Mom was hard to live with at times.

Mom was insecure and lonely.

But she was my mother and I hate when anyone, ANY ONE puts her down.

No I wasn’t alive when Carolyn was a child.

No I don’t know how mother was to her.

But I know how she was with me and I forgive her any thing she may have done that hurt me.


Regardless of it all, it is in the past and I think that is where it should be left.

Carolyn has a lot of bitterness in her and even now, at 72 she has a hard time letting go of things that happened thirty or more years ago.


I have made mistakes with my own children and I do hope they have forgiving me.

No one is perfect.

Some times some people forget that.

my family

The 8 of us in 1985

The only family picture we ever have taken together.
Ric, Kathy, Cyndi, Carolyn, Linda

Mom, Wanda and Me.





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  1. There’s true freedom in forgiveness.

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