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The Accountant   Leave a comment

My husband and my two sons and one daughter in law and I went to this movie yesterday afternoon.

The Accountant.

I really didn’t want to see it as I thought it looked too much like a Jason Bourne movie but it turned out to be much better then I expected.

I like Ben Affleck.

My husband doesn’t care for him much but I like him.

The story was well done


And the movie was good.

A bit slow at first but still good.



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Inconcievable   Leave a comment


That is my word for the day.

It is inconceivable that it is Monday morning already.

Where did the weekend go to?
Good grief they fly by!

How I hate it.


I made my bedroom/den bigger yesterday.

I moved my bed to the furthest wall and moved my desk to the center of the room.

It makes it look more open.

And I love it.

Hate that crowded feeling.

There is still work to be done on it and I may change a few things around yet again, but for now it is better then it was.



Christmas eve is two months from today.

Insane how fast the timeĀ  goes.


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