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Another one bites the dust~   Leave a comment

about 6 and a half years ago I bought 2 queen sized air mattress’s for a trip we took to Tennessee, with our three younger kids and their families.

Well about two years ago one of the mattress’s got a whole in it and died.

They were $75 a piece.

Well last night the second one bit the dust.

It is sad to see it go as the grandkids used it every time we had them so that they had a place to sleep

Now we will have to buy another one and soon as the grandkids will be here in two weeks again.

We get them and they stay over night every other Saturday night.


I wrote about a paragraph more but unfortunately this computer just erased it.

Not sure why that happens.

So damn frustrating!


Keira loves monkey’s, thus this picture is for her.






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