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I have to admit when Cyndi was alive, I was tolerant of her a lot of the time because she could be an in  your face kind of person.

She said things as they were.

She didn’t beat around the bush about it.

Some people like people like that but I always thought she could have used more finesse.

We didn’t hang out much.

My kids and her kids were never close.

We didn’t see each other more then once a month if that…..and some times it was longer then that.

I know hindsight is a wonderful thing…….and I wish I could change things.


In thirteen hours and 35 minutes it will be three weeks to the minute that Cyndi passed away.

I feel like it has been a lot longer then that.

I feel like it has been years already.

I miss her.

I wish I had been a better sister to her.

I wish and hope and pray she knew how much I loved her.

One of the last things she did to me about four days before she died was put her around  my shoulders and give me a side hug as I sat next to her on her bed.

I will treasure that always.

I still find it hard to believe that she is gone.

I wish she wasn’t.

I would love to talk to her and tell her once again how much I love her.

I have this picture on my desk in my den at home


And every evening before I go to bed I look at it and kiss it and tell her I love and miss her.

I hope she can hear me.





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