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The Joys In My Life~   Leave a comment


With all the hoopla on who will be president, and with all the killings in our world, it is the simple things in life that bring me the greatest joy.

My grandchildren are my loves.

I love them as much as I love my own kids.

They are so wonderful and independent and different in so many ways.

They bring me such wonderful joy.

Bailey is two and a drama princess.

She can turn on the tears faster then she can blink her beautiful brown eyes at you.

She is the smartest two year old child that I have ever met.

Aaron our only grandson is 6 and ornery and independent and quite stingy with his hugs.

He hates being wrong and doesn’t like to share his feelings very often.

Kayla who will be 8 next month, is so incredibly smart and a thinker and always struggling to be accepted for who she is and her quirky ideas.

Keira is 10 and Kayla’s older sister and the two are as different as night and day.

Kayla struggles with her weight while Keira is model thin.   Keira struggles with school while Kayla is as smart as a whip.

Keira always gives Kayla a hard time about everything and Kayla has a heart of gold.

Mirielle is  tall and thin and pretty  and quite independent.

She will be 14 in November.

I am a truly blessed woman to have these five children in my life.

They bring me so much wonderful joy.

And maybe in another year I will get one more.


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I have been reading Cyndi’s blog.

It is

It saddens me to read about things she said and did, and then now to think she isn’t here anymore.

I have been able to accept it more these last few days but that is mostly due to going home and sorting through her things.

She is gone, she isn’t coming back and I have to accept that.

And I do.

But I miss her.

I miss knowing I can’t pick up the phone and call her.

I miss seeing her.

I just miss her.


Granted I know as life continues that the missing her will grow less and less.

It took me ten years to get over aching for mom.

I imagine losing Cyndi will take about as long.

No one is promised a tomorrow……life can change in an instant.

I need to pay closer attention to those that are still here with me.






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