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The Long and Short Of It~   Leave a comment

I have a very small office here at work.

So small that I did away with a fairly good sized wooden desk to make more room in my small office.

I am using a student desk to hold my laptop and I have a filing cabinet (just got) to hold all I had in the desk.

I don’t like it.

None of it.

It feels too cramped.

Too small.

I also have  four foot fridge sitting on another student desk right next to me.


I have half a mind to bring a desk from home, but then I would have to share it with others and have them mark it up, which doesn’t appeal to me, so I guess I won’t.

of course I also have all custodial supplies in here as well and a slop sink for cleaning out anything and everything.

Before I came here there wasn’t a custodial office.

I made this my office because I have to have a place to go to.

To decompress and get away from everyone.


I know I never sound happy.



oh and it is going to be 84 degrees today with 83% humidity.


I was so hoping we were done with the hot and humid crap……

After today they say…..


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