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I want to go on vacation.

I want to be sitting in the sun soaking up rays.

Yes it is beautiful in Iowa right now but I really just want to check out of my life and be somewhere else.

Sad to say but true.


I know same old song different day.

Since Cyndi’s passing I have realized that life is just too short to be doing anything that I don’t like doing.

Yes I knew life was short before she passed but her dying has just re-awakened me to the fact that life is so short and I need to get busy living.


I am committed to getting out of debt faster and being able to retire earlier then 9 years from now.

I am going to shoot for 60 instead of 65

My car will be paid off and by then I should be debt free except of course for my house.

That is my goal.

4 years and 7 months from now…..1,668 days.

I can do this…..





Posted October 16, 2016 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings

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