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I am here at my nephew’s watching his children why he has Drills this weekend.

His children are 11 and 8

Demetri is the eldest and Lexis is the youngest.

I asked Lexie earlier if she had any pictures of Nana and if not would she like one?
I said “Ask your mom first so I know she won’t mind and then I will bring you a picture of Nana”
Lexie’s response was “No thanks I don’t want a picture”

Kind of broke my heart.

Cyndi adored her grandchildren.

Adored them.

It is heart breaking that they are so unfeeling with her being gone.

It hurts my heart to see it.


I realize not everyone shows love the way I do.

My own husband told me his family NEVER ever expressed love for each other until I came into his family.

That I taught his family to express love.

Weird to me but okay.

So I am guessing Demetri and Lexie come from a family that doesn’t show a lot of love????
I know Cyndi showed them love, but maybe their parents don’t?
Richard and Carrie have been divorced for many years so I don’t know how she is at her own home with her new husband.

But whatever, I just find it heart breaking that these two children are going to never realize how much their Nana adored them.

Yes I will keep reminding them, but will they even listen?????




Posted October 16, 2016 by Marge in family, heartfelt, ramblings

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