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10 weeks and six days~   Leave a comment

Do you realize that Christmas is just around the corner?
It is less then eleven weeks away!
Good Lord that is coming fast!
I have my youngest grand daughter’s presents bought

I am going to buy my grandson’s presents here in a bit online, but I still have the three older grand daughters to get for.

What to get them?
I have no idea…..

Mirielle and Kayla both have birthday’s in November so I have to figure out what to buy them for both Christmas and their birthday’s.






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Delightfully Surprised~   Leave a comment

I walk into work today to see a very clean school.

What a wonderful surprise.

Oh I had to clean the gym floor and vacuum a classroom and the library but over all it was very clean.

So nice to walk into.


My computer here at work sounds like it wants to blow up.

The motor keeps reeving up.

Not sure why.

And then it slowly winds down again to just start all over with it’s reeving up again.

Maybe I should just start bringing my laptop every day…..


It is cool here but extremely beautiful out.

I so love fall…..




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