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Grandchildren time~   Leave a comment

Aaron and Kayla are playing really well together.

Bailey is watching children’s videos on colors on the Ipad and Keira is entertaining us with her talking British and singing.

I love when they all get along so well.


It was a glorious beautiful day for the service.

About fifty people showed up.

It was very nice.

I know Cyndi would have been happy.

Life should turn back to normal now.

I love Cyndi dearly and I miss her very much, but she is where we all want to be one day and we have to remember that as we mourn her she is where she needs to be.

She has made the journey we all have to make.

I asked her to send me a sign when she got to Heaven.

I am still waiting for that sign.




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Funeral day~   Leave a comment

Today we are having our celebration of life service for my sister Cyndi.

This morning we are also going to my husband’s  uncle funeral as he passed away this past Wednesday.


He had been sick for years though and was in a nursing home for at least 9 years.

Not that it takes away from his family mourning him.

I know it doesn’t

It is cold out, 38 degrees but should warm up to the mid 60’s

These last two weeks have been brutal and I am ready for life to return to normal.

if that sounds selfish then I am sorry.

I love Cyndi dearly but life needs to return to normal.

painful eyes

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