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in some small way I would love to be in Florida right now to witness this hurricane, even though they say it would be deadly for anyone who is there.

I imagine the entire east coast is a ghost town by now.

My sister lives in Fort Myers and I wonder if they will just get rain or strong winds too.

I hope they don’t lose power as I wouldn’t be able to get a hold of her then and would be worried.

I feel for the people of Haiti who once again have been plummeted by a hurricane

God willing the people of Florida are taken all precautions  and there will little to no lives lost because of this hurricane.


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here is another picture of Cyndi, with my sister Carolyn (left) and her daughter Jackie standing behind her.

My brother is here from Canada and we are going to clean out my nephew’s garage today, which is filled with Cyndi’s stuff from the shed.

Yeah we were going to do a it a couple of weeks ago but things happened which changed that.

I’m not looking forward to it.

I am still having a hard time of accepting Cyndi is gone….. still.





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