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My sister Cyndi died tonight.

At 8:13 pm.

I was alone with her and it happened so incredibly fast.

One minute she is breathing heavily and the next she is breathing shallow and going over a minute before taking another shallow breath.

That lasted 3 minutes and then she was gone.

I still can’t believe it.

All week long I kept telling her “Cyndi, you can go if you need to go.  We understand and love you and you can go”

But as she was taking her last few breathes I was bawling and begging her to breathe.

I was with my mother 24 years ago when she died, and losing Cyndi tonight was just as painful as losing mom all those years ago.

And in the last ten minutes of her life Cyndi kept moaning “Mooooooooooooooooooooooom”
It was heart breaking.

There is a huge hole in our family with Cyndi’s passing.

I just can’t imagine life without her.




Posted September 30, 2016 by Marge in family, heartfelt, my loves, ramblings

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