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We got Cyndi moved to the nursing home today.

We have to clean out her shed tomorrow, and take the belongings to her son’s house and then take a few things to Cyndi.

They drained 3 liters of fluid off of her stomach yesterday and then yesterday afternoon she was so perky and happy and ate and felt great.

Today not so much again.

The fluid is building up on her stomach again and she isn’t able to eat anything

The doctor said the fluid will be drained every three days but I don’t understand that.
Why do she have to wait three days?
I should have asked someone.

I honestly don’t know how long she will last.

Yesterday afternoon I thought she was doing wonderful and could last a long while.

Now today again she isn’t doing so well.

It saddens me.




Posted September 23, 2016 by Marge in family, heartfelt, ramblings

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