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Please explain to me why no one has any fucking consideration for anyone but themselves?
Who the hell cares if you put me out as long as you get your way?????

Who the hell cares if I have to stay up for hours waiting for someone to get out of a damn movie to come to my place and crash for the night.
Staying with me is fine, IF YOU LET ME KNOW IN ADVANCE!!!
Not an hour or so before you decide to come.


How I detest when people think I can just accomadate them at a moments notice!

So she is going to sleep on dirty sheets.

Because I didn’t know she was coming and I am not going to rush around to get them washed and dried before she gets here.

If she wanted clean sheets she should have told me a day or two ago that she was coming.


Totally pissed off!

Posted September 16, 2016 by Marge in family, Uncategorized

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